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Why We Invested in Streamline AI

We are thrilled to announce our latest investment in Streamline AI, a company dedicated to transforming legal operations and workflow management.

In-house legal teams today find themselves navigating a deluge of requests and administrative tasks, often leading to inefficiency and lack of clarity within legal workflows. Manual spreadsheet tracking and repetitive email communications create slow, opaque processes that often leave relevant stakeholders in the dark. In-house legal teams face the challenge of scaling legal services quickly enough to meet growing demands of companies, while also ensuring that every request is accounted for, organized, and actioned upon in a timely manner. Furthermore, legal departments are often understaffed and resource-constrained, leading to the common misconception that in-house legal is a bottleneck rather than a revenue enabler.

Streamline AI leverages intelligent workflows to create a legal front door platform that centralizes legal requests, automatically routes review and approval processes, and provides unprecedented visibility for all stakeholders involved. Streamline AI empowers legal teams with configurable intake forms, seamless integration with communication tools like email and Slack, and no-code workflows. With real-time collaboration and comprehensive metrics tracking, the platform ensures that legal teams can both demonstrate their value and optimize their processes to better support the business.

Founders Kathy Zhu and Julian Wimbush bring extensive experience in legal practice, tech entrepreneurship, and engineering to face these challenges in the changing legal landscape. Drawing on Kathy’s background as a former Associate General Counsel at DoorDash and Julian’s engineering expertise from his time at Google, Streamline AI is purpose-built to address the specialized needs of in-house legal teams.

One of The LegalTech Fund’s investment theses is leveraging technology to structure legal data and automate legal processes, and Streamline AI’s mission to optimize in-house operations embodies our fund’s vision. Streamline AI aims to redefine how legal teams engage with their work, enabling them to focus on high-value tasks and drive meaningful impact.

Please join us in welcoming Streamline AI to The Legal Tech Fund family and let us know if we can connect you to learn more.


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