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💡 The Takeaway: The Impact of Coronavirus
  • The new normal for law? U.S. courts are turning to video or postponing cases, major law firms are going virtual and legaltech conferences are getting delayed. Internet service providers are doing their part to ensure lawyers, and others, can work from home without downtime.

  • Remote working due to coronavirus carries cybercrime risks for both federal employees and corporations

  • Over 150 law schools have moved their classes online. The ABA has loosened restrictions on the number of online credits law students can earn.

  • Law students worry about losing biglaw summer associate positions due to coronavirus. But firms assure entry-level hires that their offers are good to go. Experts currently expect little impact on lateral 

I am often surprised to see how the law affects everyone, from people fighting a parking ticket to companies completing a merger. Nate's News is a monthly digest that we use and share to stay on top of meaningful stories in the world of law. Thanks for joining us!"

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