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Dear Founders,

First & foremost congrats on all that you have accomplished! We have been in your shoes and know the battles that you fight day in and day out to advance your vision of the future world. In fact, having been founders 3x+ ourselves, we decided to start this fund to be the best partner to you in the world.

We believe that legal technology is at an inflection point. The next generation of technology companies will alter the way legal services are delivered for organizations and individuals. As such, we are always on the lookout for passionate founders with companies doing unexpected things and growing at an interesting rate. 


Does that mean we only invest in companies helping law firms? No. Legal tech means more than legal practice management and contracting software. We believe that agreements connect people and organizations across all industries and hold unique data. We believe that hundreds of millions still lack legal services and that technology can remedy that gap. These are just two of our theses.


As former operators, we understand that entrepreneurial success is not a linear path. We know what it feels like to hire a first employee, sell a first customer, raise funding, and develop a winning culture. We also know what it feels like when a product demo goes awry, a big deal falls through, or an internal argument goes off the rails. 


Over our 20+ years as entrepreneurs and investors, we have built an extensive network of investors and advisors that help our portfolio companies grow. From key hires to business development to product insight, we are excited to help. We often find ourselves on the phone with founders many nights and weekends.


Even if you are not currently raising capital, but want feedback on your business or pitch, feel free to reach out. If you want to follow our industry updates, join us here. In fact, we prefer talking to you when you are not raising capital, as we want to build a relationship to make sure that we can be helpful for you and the best partner when the time is right.

We look forward to connecting in the near future to learn more about you and your company.

– Zach, Sam, Casey, Tanner, and The LegalTech Fund

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