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Why We Invested In Trestle

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Trestle, a company that is revolutionizing contract management for the construction industry.

Victor, a licensed civil engineer, and Jason, a seasoned software developer, came together to tackle a significant challenge in the construction industry. With 15 years working on public infrastructure projects, Victor saw firsthand how cumbersome managing subcontractor and supplier contracts could be.  He struggled to get a clear set of contract terms, inclusions, and exclusions for various scopes of work. This inefficiency led to difficulties in evaluating and negotiating contracts, ultimately increasing the risk and workload for his team. Recognizing the potential for improvement, Victor reached out to his college roommate and long-time friend, Jason, to see if they could build a solution. Thus, Trestle was born.

Trestle offers a suite of tools designed to streamline contract management and vendor evaluation. Trestle collects and centralizes data on subcontractor and supplier performance, creating a single profile for decision-making using both customer-provided and publicly available data. Using an automated review collection feature designed specifically for contractors working in the field, Trestle is able to turn passing complaints into statistical data that can be used to find and stop areas of profit loss. Trestle uses AI  assistants to help users navigate project-specific contractual and technical documents, providing standardized project summaries and insights from vendor performance reviews. The overall Trestle Platform itself facilitates invitations to bid, prequalifications, post-bid vendor pricing comparison, selection, and contract creation using historical data, significantly reducing manual entry and rework. 

By managing a system-wide database of contractual terms and conditions, Trestle reduces legal risks and ensures the most appropriate terms are included in contracts, minimizing the need for legal intervention during disputes. The team envisions Trestle becoming the gold standard for contract management and vendor performance evaluation in the construction industry, serving not only general contractors but also insurance companies, sureties, engineers, developers, and public agencies.

At The LegalTech Fund, we invest in companies transforming the world of law. We are particularly impressed with Trestle’s potential to blend construction and legal expertise within a single platform. Victor’s extensive background in estimating and procurement, combined with Jason’s proficiency in software development and user experience, positions them uniquely to tackle this challenge. Their vision to transform the space by shifting away from a “word-of-mouth” system of sharing critical information to a searchable and referenceable knowledge base aligns with our thesis of harnessing the source data of legal agreements. We are excited to support Victor and Jason as they continue to innovate and lead the construction industry towards a more efficient and informed future.

Please welcome Trestle to The LegalTech Fund family and let us know if we can connect you to learn more.


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