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Why We Invested in Monadd

Updated: May 29

We are thrilled to announce The LegalTech Fund’s investment in Monadd, a company that provides automated address change management.

In the past six years, I’ve lived in four cities. My husband is a Lieutenant in the US Navy, so nomadism comes with the territory. Every time we move, I alert the post office about our change of address. Every time, I’m still caught in a tangle of missent mail. I have birthday cards going to my old apartment. I’m receiving phone bills for the past residents of my current apartment. For some reason, the credit card offers increase exponentially with each move.

Naturally, address management is a topic that’s on my radar so I was immediately drawn to Monadd. Once I started corresponding with the founder, Jessica Mendoza, I realized the issue was linked to a broader problem of data exposure. The post office often sells consumer data from its database of over 160 million address changes to third-party service providers and advertisers (which creates piles of junk mail.) Giving consumers control over their address history was more than just a matter of convenience. It was a pressing matter of privacy.

Monadd is a one stop shop for address change management. To start, users simply log onto the company’s site and enter their current information. From there, Monadd leverages a combination of geolocation and APIs to gather users’ information, and with permission, update their addresses as they move. The app also allows users to visualize every service provider with their address so they have the option to choose or cancel a given service. It predominantly operates in the UK right now, but Jessica and her team have plans to expand to the United States soon. The company is also excited about the possibilities for consumer data transparency outside of address changes including name, phone number, and workplace changes.

Today, major life changes (such as moving) involve interacting with a regulatory and legal ecosystem that is outdated and inefficient. At The LegalTech Fund, we see a future where these processes are automated, and where customers are in control. At her core, Jessica identifies as a data ethicist which means she’s committed to empowering those around her with access to their data. That’s a mission The LegalTech Fund is passionate about too. Beyond that, she’s a dedicated, principled, and visionary founder— exactly the type we want to have in our ranks.


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