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Why We Invested in LifeLegacy

We’re excited to announce our investment in LifeLegacy, a company empowering nonprofits to capture more charitable gifts through estate planning tools for donors.

When Spencer, Jordan, and Austin lost their father to a brain tumor at 51, their eyes were opened to the estate settlement process, which is typically a costly and immensely stressful undertaking. Thankfully, their father had his estate in order, but the experience made them realize that he was an anomaly; most people are not financially or legally prepared for their death. In fact, only 53% of Americans have an estate plan today, meaning approximately 120 million American adults do not. The average person typically believes estate planning can be put off into the future, finds the process overly complicated, or holds a misconception that legacy planning is only for the wealthy. But the time and cost to settle an estate for someone without the proper legal documentation is extensive, regardless of wealth level. Unfortunately, this burden often falls on the surviving loved ones.

That’s why, after experiencing the emotional and financial aftermath of an untimely passing first-hand, the Cassidy brothers started LifeLegacy to make estate planning more accessible. In addition to broadening the access of estate planning, the founders also wanted to encourage charity. The founders realized that many nonprofit organizations don’t have the tools to effectively capitalize on planned giving opportunities, which are only growing with the sizable upcoming wealth transfer and the increased philanthropy from younger generations.

LifeLegacy’s software platform enables its nonprofit partners to offer estate planning for donors with products that include last wills and testaments, financial POAs, advanced healthcare directives, life insurance,

and web3 solutions such as crypto bequests. Their tools are simple, intuitive, affordable, and inclusive of all ages, net worths, and lifestyles. The company also provides donor analytics to help nonprofits better understand their donor base. To date, millions of dollars have been committed to charitable organizations with LifeLegacy’s technology.

At The LegalTech Fund, one of our investment theses is using technology to increase access to legal services. The estate planning industry has long been reserved for the wealthy, even though everyone would benefit from proper legacy planning. LifeLegacy has leveraged technology to make it easy to protect the people and causes you care about most. We’ve loved getting to know Spencer, Jordan, and Austin, who make a great team with a mix of technical and industry expertise.

Please welcome the LifeLegacy team to The LegalTech Fund family and let us know if we can connect you to learn more.

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