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Why We Invested in Cloverleaf AI

Updated: May 29

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in Cloverleaf AI, which has developed technology to sort through millions of hours of government meetings to deliver the critical information that customers need right to their inbox, anything from new regulations to public sentiment.

If you want to be a civically engaged citizen or business, keeping up with school board resolutions, zoning decisions, budget proposals, and public health rules, to name a few, can quickly become a scheduling nightmare. Over $5T of funding is managed at the government level (between direct spending and regulation), but there are over 1.4 million hours of meetings where it all happens; it’s virtually impossible for any person or business to track. Organizations with vested interests in local policy are forced to attend every event, pay others to do so, or miss out on critical information. Attending meetings live isn’t a convenient option for a lot of people and while most have some form of streaming, unsurprisingly, there’s no real consistency in the upload of information (various technology platforms used, different timing, etc).

Jeremy Becker knows this problem first-hand. Growing up, he spent time with his father, a city comptroller, driving all over the state of Illinois to attend local municipal meetings. It was exhausting. That’s why he teamed up with Adam Zucker (his friend since they were three years old!) to start Cloverleaf AI. The company’s mission is to democratize access to civic information at all levels. Their software finds and uploads all government meetings in a way that’s easy to search and analyze; customers can even choose to be alerted when certain topics are mentioned. This allows people, mainly attorneys and government affairs professionals today, to stay updated on all meetings that may be relevant to their clients without physically attending the events. The platform helps cut through the noise of over a million hours of data to capture the key minutes that matter to a specific person or business.

While local governments are finally using technology to engage its citizens (your hometown probably has an Instagram or Tiktok account by now), Cloverleaf AI is making the data accessible to all. Now anyone can have the information they need at their fingertips to be an informed civic participant. At The LegalTech Fund, we invest in companies that are transforming the world of law, and Cloverleaf AI’s mission is aligned with our focus on reducing friction and expanding access in the legal industry. We’ve been impressed with Jeremy and Adam’s dedication and big vision for the future of government participation.

Please welcome the Cloverleaf AI team to The LegalTech Fund family and let us know if we can connect you to learn more.


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