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Funds Flow

Updated: Jun 14

TLTF (and friends) in the news

If you missed it, check out our IP market map and listen to our recent LinkedIn Live session with Oddr’s Milan Bobde.


In the Money: Fundings

  • ActiveNav, a provider of data privacy and compliance solutions, raised $8M in funding. 

  • Aerial, an AI-powered document management platform, raised a $2M Pre-Seed led by Fuse.

  • Archive Intel, an AI-powered tool for compliantly archiving company communication, raised a $1M Seed led by Social Leverage.

  • Deeligence, a cloud software that streamlines legal due diligence processes, raised AU$1M Pre-Seed.

  • DeepL, an AI translation platform for user-entered text translation, including complex legal language, contracts, and other documents, raised $300M in funding led by Index Ventures.

  • Definely, a developer of legal tech software that simplifies document reading and drafting, raised a $7M Series A led by Octopus Ventures.

  • Greenboard, a compliance software platform that bridges regulation and financial innovation, raised a $4.5M Seed led by Base 10 Partners.

  • Jigsaw, a software developer for data-driven legal diagrams, raised a $15M Series A led by Exor.

  • Leya, an AI developer for legal professionals, raised $10.5M in funding led by Benchmark.

  • Steno, a remote litigation platform that offers court reporting services & legal support, raised $46M.

  • 🌴 StructureFlow, a developer of tools for complex legal structure visualization, raised a $6M Series A led by FINTOP Capital (who met each other at last year’s TLTF Summit).

  • Superlegal, an AI-powered contract review for small and medium-sized businesses, raised a $5M Seed led by Aleph and Disruptive AI fund.


  • Docusign, a cloud-based suite that automates agreements and offers e-signatures, acquired Lexion, a contract management system.

  • Intapp, a provider of cloud software for the professional financial services industry, acquired Transform Data International, a provider of a search tool for documents and emails.

  • KKR acquired a majority stake in Agiloft, an end-to-end CLM platform. 

  • LexisNexis, a provider of legal research and workflow solutions, acquired Henchman, an AI-powered contract drafting platform.

  • Reveal, a developer of online investigation software for legal, government, and finance, acquired Onna, a data integration platform that links legal data from diverse sources.

  • SurePoint Technologies, a developer of cloud-based software for law firms' financial management, acquired Leopard Solutions, a legal data provider.


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