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Early Stage IP Market Map

Updated: Jun 14

We’re thrilled to present our map of technology companies in the IP space. We think about the intellectual property tech space through the five steps of creating and managing IP:


Download the Early Stage IP Market Map (May 2024).


➡ Invention Harvesting - Identifying and capturing patentable ideas from internal resources that could potentially be patentable.

➡IP Drafting, Search, and Review - Tools that help patent drafters (both lawyers and IP creators) to assess their invention patentability, draft their patent, and review it with internal stakeholders.

➡IP Filing and Docketing - Products to help with filing and tracking patent and trademarks through the application and registration processes. 

➡IP Management and Protection - Platforms to manage and protect patents and license portfolios after the IP has received approval.

➡External IP Research - Tools to track and monitor other entities’ IP portfolios, including platforms that help acquire others’ IP portfolios.


Download the Early Stage IP Market Map (May 2024).


We have some incredibly active areas in IP tech and some quieter ones. If you’re building in the space and don’t see yourself on the map - please leave a comment below or contact us!


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