Clara's platform automates many of the repetitive tasks including drafting agreements, educating founders on key legal topics, creation of cap tables and due diligence summaries and also builds data rooms to present a startup's entire legal structure in a single visual, enabling businesses to execute agreements, manage stakeholders and make more informed decisions, all from a single platform.


We have already seen a significant drop in our legal bills as a result of being on Clara, not to mention the time it has saved us. — Matt Mueller, President Knot Standard

What does your product do?

Clara is a one-stop-shop for startups and their legal needs. We have built a solution that allows individuals to manage the legal steps necessary to establishing and growing their company.

Who are your looking for in a customer?

Clara primarily sells products to startups, along with venture funds, accelerators, and law firms. Clara is looking for aspiring founders who want to understand the proper process for establishing a startup. Clara is excited about working with existing companies to ensure they are "venture-ready" before going out to meet with funds and fundraise.

What are your product differentiators?

Clara goes step by step to ensure each client has taken the legal steps to establish and grow their business. We automatically incorporate all this information into a data room and detailed report for investors to look at, with little additional input needed from the firms.


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Contract Management, Data Room, Due Diligence, Transaction Management, Analytics

Total Funding
Wamda Capital, Delta Partners, Shorooq Investments